Sunday, April 26, 2009

Just An Update

It's been weeks now since my last post. I think nearly every day of wanting to sit down and write, but nothing is coming out. Things have been busy, and lots of changes looming on the horizon, ready or not we all are for them.

On the good news front, I have found and attended an Al-Anon meeting that I really love. I've gone two weeks in a row now, and while that might not seem like much, I am thrilled. I like the group and the good vibes that come out of it. I feel different too; something has taken ahold of me that is spurring me forward - I feel like I "get" what has been going on in my head my whole life. Perhaps the reason I've been so tired and not felt like I've had much to say is because I am like a little sponge right now, reading, reading, reading, thinking, thinking, thinking. I have my stack of ODAT, Courage To Change, Hope For Tomorrow and a Thomas Merton book that I am loving.

I went to the Abbey of Gethsemani yesterday and bought a medal of Lady Gethsemani to remind me constantly of my role in this world and my higher powers role...that is a very big chasm to bridge right now, but I am grateful for the awareness. I also bought it as a birthday reminder to myself of how I am just a baby in this process of recovery. I arbitrarily chose my first meeting a few weeks ago as my birthday, because I needed a marker of time to help me recall that this process and journey is a long, slow marathon.

I have more to add, but my family just awoke and we have a busy morning. My nephew and godson is making his first holy communion. I am approaching this higher power concept from a different angle and as the sun shines in the window this morning, I am joyful. More later...enjoy this beautiful day.


  1. I'm so glad that you found a group that works for you.
    It's been more than a month since I have been to a meeting, since we are down to just one car (and that hasn't been very reliable) Things were just starting to click, and I was finding glimpses of peace here and there.
    I really miss it.

  2. I would love to be able to get that medal, too, Rosalia. Wishing you peace ~ Allison

  3. I am thrilled for you - for your learning process - thrilled!

    I have missed you and am glad it sounds like you are reading and reaching out and taking care of you. Stay in touch.